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T-REX Trial Now

T-REX is a comprehensive z/OS mainframe utility designed to analyze, diagnose, report, reorganize, backup, and repair clusters and ICF (Integrated Catalog Facility) components, as well as assist with the overall maintenance and ensure continuous operational capabilities of the ICF catalog environment.  T-REX repairs and recovers the catalog without requiring an outage. This facility is a must for a 24/7 operation.

TERADON – Trial Now

TERADON is a z/OS utility for moving BCS entries from one ICF catalog to another. This functionality is similar to IBM’s REPRO MERGECAT but with exponentially faster runtimes and many more options. TERADON provides the capability of moving catalog entries for files that are currently CLOSED or OPEN.

RealTime Defrag (RTD) – Trial Now

RTD provides automatic, easily controlled z/OS or DB2 DASD volume maintenance for the 24×7 operating environment, without affecting production and online operations which legacy defrag and volume maintenance products engender. Considerable savings are achieved in both of space and shorter processing times.

VELOCI-Raptor (VR) – Trial Now

VR is an intuitive, integrated performance optimization solution designed to dramatically improve application performance by significantly reducing the resources needed for batch and online I/O processing. VR reduces application overhead for both VSAM and non-VSAM files by dynamically implementing buffering strategies that provide the optimal execution environment for the access method.

Universal Data Manager (UDM) – Trial Now

UDM is a z/OS SRM solution providing a consolidated global view of the enterprise storage environment, extending Automation, Auditing, Monitoring, Reporting and Control Functions of data with a mouse click.  It allows for managing z/OS Storage, including, Tape Robots and Tape Catalogs, DFSMShsm, CA-Disk, ICF Catalogs, DASD Volumes, DFSMS objects, Spool data and other related objects. It is the easiest tool to install and the most user-friendly utility that integrates with all DINO products, further extending their standalone capabilities with automation.

     UDM, featuring easy to implement:

       ∗  Real-time monitoring 

       ∗  Proactive alerts 

       ∗  True centralized enterprise view

       ∗  Powerful message trapping

       ∗  Policy-based automation with email notifications

       ∗  Installation in minutes

       ∗  No distributed servers



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