Dino Software History

Dino Software Corporation (DINO) develops enterprise-wide z/OS solutions for the optimization of complex IT environments and z/OS storage management.  The company was founded in 2002 and released its vanguard product, T-REX, that same year.  DINO is known primarily for its specialist capabilities in the z/OS mainframe environment.  Their product portfolio includes VSAM record management, catalog, storage management and disaster recovery.  Over time, DINO engineers have authored over 25 products which have produced hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.  Many Fortune 500 companies who would prefer to remain nameless . . have been saved from complete melt downs by DINO technology!

In the mid 1980’s, Softworks, Inc., a privately held company in Clinton, Maryland, developed the world’s first ICF catalog back-up and recovery tool, “the Mechanic.”  The product was later augmented by two additional modules and renamed “Catalog Solution®” in the 1990’s.  It went on to become the industry standard for catalog management with several thousand licenses sold.  In 2000, Softworks was acquired by EMC Corporation® for $192 million.  The redundant employees, including all of the original Catalog Solution developers, subsequently formed Dino Software Corporation.

The new development teams included specialists from both the Performance and Storage groups.  Their initial mission was to design and code a new catalog management product that eliminated the limitations of the old technology.  They engineered the fastest, most comprehensive catalog management product available, “T-REX.”   It rapidly went on to sell more copies, in less time, than any other catalog management product ever released. T-REX remains a substantial leap forward in ICF catalog technology.  It contains the functionality of at least 6 stand-alone (separately priced) products in the market.


Dino Software Today

Dino Software followed this early success with an array of new, innovative products.  Their products cover the areas of performance tuning, storage optimization, data and communications security, and z/OS storage management. They achieved the formula of producing superior product capability at reasonable cost, backed up by first class support from industry experts.  This has allowed Dino Software to enjoy unprecedented growth and rapidly establish DINO technology as the gold standard in enterprise-wide z/OS management solutions.

Today, Dino Software is privately held, fully capitalized and cash positive without significant external debt.  Company employees are geographically distributed and utilize remote communication technologies and processes. In addition to providing first class technical support 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, Dino Software customers are also protected by a source code escrow arrangement at no additional cost. In the unlikely event of a triggering event, licensees would continue to enjoy the same cost-effective benefits and use of the product. Dino Software has its own in-house legal counsel but is represented in all IP matters by Marzouk & Parry, LLP. in Washington DC. Escrow is provided by H. A Dennis, Esq., Escrow Services of Fairfax, VA and outside accounting and tax matters are handled by the firm of Timmons & Edwards in Bethesda, MD.