Best Work Conditions Ever Gallery

Thanks to those who are participating during this difficult period while so many are forced to transition to working from home.  We hope this gives you a smile!


Co-worker name




FrostyRosalieDino Software
SophieKimDino Software
Lil Chepi & Chiquita BananaRosalieDino Software
Rotten RoscoeRosalieDino Software
ChiefKathleenShasho Consulting
NormanKathleenShasho Consulting
RoseKathleenShasho Consulting
UnaRosalieDino Software
TriggerRexWorking about as hard as he usually does.
GabbyDeniseLife is better at the beach! #saltlife
Alaska, Sassy, CinnamonBrent RaueDino SoftwareAt least one of them is getting some work done.
CindyBillDino Software
IndieRonDino Software
BrookyRonDino Software
Indie & AllieRonDino Software
RileyMelanieDino SoftwareThis is how I keep quiet during a call.
AndorraDavidDino Software
LucyLarry CrilleyDino SoftwareGirl has it tough!
Timmy, Tammy & TommyMelanieDino SoftwareNot so furry, but enjoying best work conditions ever!
MarigoldRosalieDino SoftwareShe looks how we all feel about COVID-19.

StanleyMurrayDino SoftwareLet’s go chase squirrels!
KamiJim RatliffDino Software10 wks Miniature Australian Shepherd