Enhancements in T-REX 7.5

z/OS 2.5 Support

  • Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.5 operating system and earlier
  • RAPTOR support for DFSMSrmm V2R5
  • Support for IBM’s ICN 1723 and ICN 1725 – EXECUTABLE=YES (Getmain-Freemain-Storage, IARV64)
  • Verified EADSCB=OK was specified to prevent IBM’s EAV migration assistance tracker from flagging T-REX as needing changes to support EAV.
  • Sequential data set block sizes are strategically set to optimal values when pervasive encryption is utilized.


T-REX Product Enhancements


  • New REORG messaging provides a more clearly discernable alert, employing both PRTFILE messages and system console WTO, when REORG fails to redefine the target BCS.
  • Now detects and will terminate if either the NEWVOLUME or original BCS DASD volume is not SMS enabled or unavailable. For non-SMS managed volume, REORG will terminate if the NEWVOLUME is not online.
  • New keywords added to allow validation of the DD and volumes used by REORG.
  • Check the conditional disposition of the BACK* data set for DELETE if VALIDATE_DD is specified.


  • INTEGRITYCHECK has been modified to add new FOCUS items for GDG processing:
    • GDG Extension record validation
    • Detect idle GDGs
    • Detect and report various potential Generation Aging Table (GAT) issues
    • Generate DELETE NSCR cards only if the volume reference is found to be OFFLINE to the current system.
    • The optional ALIAS_AGE keyword instructs INTEGRITYCHECK to retrieve each alias creation date and confirm that the target alias is “older” than the ALIAS_AGE specification before enacting any attempt to delete the alias.

Tape Support (RAPTOR)

  • The V7.5 TAPEAUDIT command for RMM now uses the XREPTEXT file and eXtended (‘X)’ records for processing. Tapeaudit no longer supports the REPTEXT file containing only Dataset (‘D’) and Volume (‘V’) records. Tapeaudit will automatically generate an XREPTEXT file if one is not specified as input.
  • Tapeaudit and Tapereport commands now allow the user to restrict the scope of the command by adding a new FOCUS option. The user may optionally select from:  Active, Pending, Scratch, Initial status, Unknown status, Is Cataloged, Not Cataloged and Unknown Catalog state.
  • DAYS option added to the GDGDRIFT report allowing the user to specify the number of days to use for determining if a GDG has been inactive.

Other enhancements

  • A simple to use GDG to Extended GDG conversion function has been added.
  • A batch interface has been added, allowing users to extract the installation code expiration dates.
  • EXPORTEnhanced documentation explaining the need for a VSAM cluster type when EXPORT EXCP is executed. When no VVR exists for the VSAM data component, EXPORT EXCP will now provide an explicit message indicating that a VSAM cluster type must be specified. The message documentation emphasizes the need for an accurate type specification.
  • Summary section has been added to REPORT OBJECT(VSPACE).
  • Date and time stamp added to user exit assembler source.