Using the UDM GUI interface you can:

1-General layout_21Automate the management of z/OS objects by dynamically reacting to Console messages or conditions, or you can schedule timed processes to interrogate the status of an object.

Monitor the status of z/OS objects via the centralized monitor, which allows you to view and react to alerts from all z/OS Systems via a single GUI window.

Report on all aspects of your z/OS Storage subsystems centrally, in real time or historically, using SQL filters. Using a single request, for example, you can view in a central window the status of Storage groups on all your z/OS Systems.

Maintain your z/OS Systems using the Command or JCL interfaces which allow you to centrally define store and run Z/OS commands or JCL decks.

Simplified installation, minimal customization and pre-configured processes mean you can install and gain the benefits from the product in minutes rather than days.