HSM Adminisaurus

Why is HSM Adminisaurus Necessary?
Under ordinary circumstances, understanding what HSM is doing and monitoring the health of the HSM environment is tedious. Administrators require years of experience in storage management with HSM before they can somewhat manage it. To interpret what functions of HSM are executing successfully takes hours of work. HSA greatly simplifies managing HSM by providing over twenty (20) pre-established quick scans to give insight into HSM’s processing, overall health, and ability to store and retrieve data, thus expediting the overall learning curve, assessment, diagnosis, and resolution. Because every HSM environment is fluid, constantly changing, each having its own unique set of challenges, HSA provides a wide range of customizable reports and analysis tools, from the simple to the complex, so the administrator can quickly create and implement solutions to improve productivity. With HSA’s robust and easy-to-use interface, an administrator is empowered to identify problems and resolve them with very little effort. 

Who is HSM Adminisaurus designed for?
HSA has been designed to be utilized in every HSM environment, whether small or extremely large with peta bytes of storage, by the aficionado and/or the novice. Accessible via its menus, HSA has a mix of analytical tools and detail reporting that storage administrators of all experience levels will find very useful. Whether looking for reports on CDS records or an in-depth summarization of failed activity, HSA gives storage administrators the critical information they need to manage HSM effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, any TSO user can use HSA to view and recover their own data from HSM, removing this burden from the storage administrator. HSA tailors its interface to the security level of the user accessing the product. If the user accessing HSA has full storage administrator authority to HSM, they will have full access to all HSA facilities. Otherwise, the user will be shown a limited set of reports and commands within HSA.

When should HSM Adminisaurus be used?
HSA audits, health reports, and other tools should be, and can be, scheduled on a regular basis to avoid any issues within the HSM environment, to ensure HSM’s successful operation. Additionally, HSA should be utilized after any outage (such as the HSM address space abnormally ending), whenever HSM encounters an error (such as being unable to recall a data set), or any other time when HSM is unable to successfully complete a request.

HSM does not immediately report all errors that it encounters. Some problems can lie dormant for years and may not be discovered until a data set is needed for recall or recovery. With HSA, it is easy to detect and correct any problems within HSM and avoid bigger issues that may come later if problems aren’t addressed in a timely manner.