Enhancements in TERADON 3.3

Support for the z/OS 2.2 64-bit control blocks.

Support for the z/OS 2.1 BCS Record Level sharing (RLS) feature.

  • As of z/OS 2.1, catalog support for VSAM record-level sharing is provided for user catalogs in a Parallel Sysplex . This is intended to substantially reduce catalog contention and improve performance. Catalogs using RLS are now supported by TERADON.

Automatic monitoring and control of the mirror process.

  • Previous versions of TERADON required the user to monitor the status of the mirror process. When mirroring was no longer needed, the user could disable TERADON. This is now controlled by TERADON. TERADON will detect when mirroring is no longer required and will automatically disable itself.

Automatic REESTABLISH of all TERADON procedures and control blocks necessary for the TERADON MIRROR process.

  • If a system that was involved in a TERADON REPRO is IPL’d and at least 1 of the datasets involved in the REPRO is still OPEN, TERADON must continue its MIRROR processes. REESTABLISH now makes it easy for the user to connect all outstanding REPROs within the SYSPLEX with a one-step procedure.

Support for new IBM health check: ZOSMIGV2R3_NEXT_VSM_USERKEYCOMM.

  • All All user key common storage has been removed.