New Features in XTINCT 5.2

Dino-Software is pleased to announce Version 5 Release 2 of XTINCT is now ready for general distribution.

Available in this release:


VSAM and non-VSAM features:


Tape features:


XTINCT meets DOD standards for erase

XTINCT meets all the requirements of US Department of Defense 5220.22-M (Clearing and Sanitization Matrix for Clearing Magnetic Disk) by overwriting all addressable locations with a single character. XTINCT also meets the sanitization requirement by overwriting all addressable locations with a character, its complement, then a random character and verifying. For tapes, the DoD only considers degaussing or pulverizing the tape to be a valid erase. XTINCT meets the requirements of most users by overwriting the tape and use of the hi-speed data security erase patterns.