Enhancements with UDM 3.3

HSM support

  • Updated Migration Control Data Set (MCDS) audit
  • Updated Backup Control Data Set (BCDS) audit
  • Updated Offline Control Data Set (OCDS) audit
    • Major audit enhancements include:
      • Significant performance improvement, decreasing the overall completion time and including additional error type detection.
      • A new audit verification process, including a ‘fixed’ flag for each audit record, allows users to see what has already been fixed.
      • Increased control and granularity over which components the audits check. For example, volume and high-level qualifier checking has been added to the (MCDS) audit to allow for a smaller set of data to be audited.
  • Unix System Services (USS) Support added to the following reports:
    • Data Sets/Files with Backups (MCB)
    • Backup Version Entry (MCB)
    • Data Sets/Files with Retained Backups (MCBR)
    • Backup Versions (MCC)
    • Functional Statistics Records
    • UNIX File Node (UFN) – new


  • IBM’s z/OS 2.5 operating system support
  • Support for IBM’s ICN 1723 and ICN 1725 – EXECUTABLE=YES (Getmain-Freemain-Storage, IARV64)
  • Significant performance improvements when sorting or filtering large lists of objects
  • Support for data compression when obtaining data from the hosts, which ensures faster load times.