HSM Adminisaurus 3.2 Release Announcement

Dino-Software is pleased to announce Version 3 Release 2 of HSM Adminisaurus is now available for general distribution.

Maintaining a healthy DFSMShsm environment can be difficult. With this release, the effort of maintaining an effective and efficient DFSMShsm environment is further simplified. The process of analyzing and understanding what is occurring within DFSMShsm and the storage environment is made easier with more health checks, more reporting, and greater auditing options.

Greater DFSMShsm Automatic Function Analysis

Detailed processing information about the automatic functions (migration, backup, and dump) is provided. This includes, but is not limited to:

Detailed function processing time analysis.
View scheduled start and stop times.
Inspect when the function actually started and stopped with indicators if it didn’t complete within the defined window.
Examine when the function didn’t run but should have.

Summary of processing activity.
Did it complete successfully? If not, why?
How much data was processed? How many volumes? How many data sets?
Did errors occur? If so, how many errors?

Volume and data set level statistics.
See the volumes processed during the automatic function cycle.
Analyze how many data sets were processed for each volume and how much data was processed on the volume.
View the data sets processed by the automatic function.

Class Transition Predictive Analysis

Data sets are analyzed to determine:
When they are to receive class transitioning next.
Which DFSMS classes and storage groups the data set should transition to.
This analysis is performed on a data set for the number of cycles specified. Not only is the next scheduled transition activity shown but also as many transitioning events as desired.

Enhanced Usability

Get more from the product, quicker. The usability enhancements allow faster access to pertinent data, more detailed explanations of the data, and is presented in a more easily understood format.

Help data is expanded with simplified option structure to make finding pertinent help data easier. Gain a greater understanding of the product, what the data in the product represents, and what the data can be used for.
Menus are rearranged to enable storage administrators to more quickly find the data they need to manage the DFSMShsm environment.
Several enhancements added to make viewing the data easier, such as column numbering and menu scrolling indicators.
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