HSM Adminisaurus 3.3 Release


Dino-Software is pleased to announce Version 3 Release 3 of HSM Adminisaurus is now available for general distribution.

Maintaining a healthy DFSMShsm environment can be difficult. With this release, the effort of maintaining an effective and efficient DFSMShsm environment is further simplified. The process of analyzing and understanding what is occurring within DFSMShsm and the storage environment is made easier with more health checks, more reporting, and greater auditing options.

New Features in HSA 3.3

  • Updated Migration Control Data Set (MCDS) audit
  • Updated Backup Control Data Set (BCDS) audit
  • Updated Offline Control Data Set (OCDS) audit
    • Major audit enhancements include:
      • Significant performance improvement, decreasing the overall completion time and including additional error type detection.
      • New audit verification process, including a ‘fixed’ flag for each audit record, allowing users to see what has already been fixed.
      • Increased control and granularity over which components the audits check. For example, volume and high level qualifier checking has been added to the (MCDS) audit to allow for a smaller set of data to be audited.
  • Unix System Services (USS) Support added to the following reports:
    • Data Sets/Files With Backups (MCB)
    • Backup Version Entry (MCB)
    • Data Sets/Files With Retained Backups (MCBR)
    • Backup Versions (MCC)
    • Functional Statistics Records
    • UNIX File Node (UFN) – new
  • IBM’s z/OS 2.5 operating system support
  • Cloud Support
  • Support for IBM’s ICN 1723 and ICN 1725 – EXECUTABLE=YES (Getmain-Freemain-Storage, IARV64)