T-REX 7.3 Release Announcement

Dino-Software is pleased to announce that T-REX Version 7, Release 3 is now ready for general distribution.

T-REX is the fastest selling catalog management product ever released. Dino-Software Corporation developed many of the enhancements in this release in direct response to requests from current T-REX product users.

Enhancements in T-REX V7.3

z/OS 2.3 Support

Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.3 operating system and earlier

Full support for:

  • Detection of Encrypted Data Sets
  • ZFS Clusters
  • Eight-byte TSO User IDs


T-REX Batch Enhancements

  • AMSEDFLT and TTSEDFLT default tables have been consolidated with new INI file support to allow customization of operational defaults by system ID.
  • All T-REX commands now provide a message summary available to the PRTFILE DD and optionally to a separate MSGRPT DD.
  • PRINT command supports display of LOGSTREAM records by SMF type.
  • REORG command provides “in-flight” status messages during execution of REORG phases.
  • REORG command dynamically detects active systems in a SYSPLEX and for each system determines if the REORG target BCS is connected.
  • MODIFY command performs additional keyword validation.
  • RAPTOR Billing Report has been modified to provide report clarity and readability.
  • ANALYZE and EXPORT BCS commands will now issue a message when the number of current extents exceeds 90% of the maximum allowable extents.
  • INTEGRITYCHECK command has been enhanced to detect and repair Generation Data Group extension record count errors.
  • ICFRU supports new keyword AUTOSTART to dynamically detect BCS backup and SMF data start date and start time.
  • LISTCAT command supports entry selection using DSNTYPE filtering.
  • LISTCAT provides ALIGN-DECIMAL option when using DISPFMT facility.


Dino-Software develops enterprise-wide, multi-platform solutions for the optimization of complex IT environments and specializes in the z/OS mainframe environment including VSAM record management, catalog, storage management and disaster recovery. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Dino-Software technology to keep their businesses up and running.