VELOCI-Raptor 5.1.0 Release Announcement

Dino-Software is pleased to announce the availability of Version 5 Release 1.0 of VELOCI-Raptor for general distribution.

VELOCI-Raptor (VR) is an industry leader in providing optimal buffering solutions for both VSAM and non-VSAM data sets and can dramatically improve application and system performance. VR’s proprietary buffer optimization strategies seamlessly provide the elimination of application I/O overhead. VR further assists IT departments in meeting increased service level demands and helping manage growing workloads.

VR’s solution is unique in that its reduction in application overhead comes from selecting a buffering solution that is in keeping with the current state of not only the application but also the data sets it is accessing.

VELOCI-Raptor 5.1.0:

VELOCI-Raptor 5.1.0 continues the legacy of VR by combining all of the performance and optimization in the current version of VR with enhancements that will benefit both new and veteran users of the product.

Major enhancements in version 5.1.0 include the following:

Enhanced QSAM support

QSAM support has been further enhanced to include:

Enhanced VSAM support

VSAM support has been further enhanced to include:

Reduced product footprint

Enhancements include:

Enhanced user interface

User customization of VELOCI-Raptor has been greatly simplified so that DCF can now be used for all product customization. DCF can be used to:


Corporations changing utilities or consolidating and standardizing on VELOCI-Raptor will benefit from the Conversion-Assist feature which is now integrated into the base product.