Save Money with HSA

How can HSM Adminisaurus save me money?

HSM, when managed properly, contributes to effective storage utilization and thereby reduces DASD costs by moving dormant data from faster and more expensive storage to less expensive mediums. However, when HSM is not routinely governed, it can quickly go from keeping storage costs low to wasting valuable CPU cycles and storage resources.

HSA easily locates errors in HSM processing and can be used to establish solutions for eliminating those errors. It can also identify processing patterns and users who are unintentionally compromising HSM’s ability to successfully manage the storage environment.

Therefore, with HSA, immediate savings can be found in identifying tape resources that HSM is not efficiently utilizing, reclaiming the underutilized, recycling the excessive number of tapes in use by HSM, and eliminating wasted CPU resources when HSM has gone rogue. Common findings include HSM not migrating data enough, or not at all, or being overly aggressive in migrating data, causing excessive recalls to occur.

What are some specifics of HSM Adminisaurus?

  • Contains a wide range of reports to ease the burden of managing HSM.
    • Full set of CDS record reports displayed in an easy to read format.
    • HSM activity reporting from log, PDA, or SMF sources to support any HSM configuration.
    • Reports on HSM internals, such as queue contents, parameter settings, resource usage, etc. so you know what HSM is doing in real-time.
    • Determining the overall health of HSM is made understandable using reports summarized by:
      • HSM action and return/reason codes.
      • High level qualifier
      • Hourly trending
      • Job name
      • User id
      • Automatic function – migration, backup, dump, and recycle
  • Eliminates and avoids HSM wasting resources or ineffectively managing the storage environment by using extensive health reporting. Problems areas such as:
    • Thrashing activity
    • Failures in HSM processing
    • CDS and data integrity
    • And much more…
  • A built-in health summary scan identifies current issues within HSM as well as detects instances where HSM should have processed data, but didn’t.
  • Full CDS auditing and error fix facility to identify and correct issues within the HSM environment to ensure data availability. This includes both manual and automatic fix capabilities provided to the user.
  • Full featured and customizable interface that supports both batch and ISPF, allowing users to perform any task in their preferred method.
  • In all, over 200 reports and commands are available within HSA for the storage administrator to easily manage HSM.