Save Money with RTD

How can RTD save me money?

Take Advantage of New Opportunities in Disk Space Management

RealTime Defrag:

  • Guarantees optimal, cost-effective disk space utilization at all times, particularly in 24×7 operations
  • Runs continuously, thus freeing you of long defrag runs during batch windows at night and maintenance windows on weekends
  • Results in considerable savings in terms of both disk space and access times
  • Prevents disruptions of jobs and production due to insufficient disk space and assures the best conditions when files are being accessed
  • Usually pays for itself within one year
  • Renders faster processing possible by combining separate file areas
  • Works automatically and inconspicuously in the background in accordance with your instructions
  • Supports you in your efforts to provide 24×7 service that is free of disruption
  • Affords you the opportunity, in Simulation Mode, to plan for and test the best possible results for your production environment
  • Monitors success via online reports
  • Requires very little in terms of resources or CPU time
  • RTD supports Release, Combine and Defrag processing for datasets allocated on all z/OS supported DASD including EAV volumes

Optional Features
Multiple Address Space (MAS) support allows large installations to process up to 28 volumes concurrently while automatically balancing I/O activity across the DASD configuration.

Fast Replication Option (FRO) provides support for FlashCopy Version 2 and Virtual Array devices resulting in optimal I/O performance and minimal dataset enqueue times.

Preserve Mirror (PM) support provides full support for devices using Remote Pair FlashCopy to maintain business continuity in z/OS environments with continuous dataset operations. Additional RTD selection filters and processing options allow the user to easily control this environment.