Save Money with Teradon

How can Teradon save me money?

What are some of the unique features?
Data integrity is of the utmost importance to TERADON. Copies of records are kept until all records have been moved to the TARGET catalog, and the associated ALIAS within the master catalog has been reoriented. If an error or an abend occurs, or even if the system crashes due to other system activity, at any point during the REPRO process, the user can feel confident that their catalogs and data sets are immediately available and intact.

TERADON comes with a THROTTLE capability. While you may be moving a single HLQ from the SOURCE catalog, there may be other entries in the catalog. Why lock out access to the catalogs for everyone? TERADON can be instructed to pause its activity, allow other users to access the catalogs involved in the REPRO, then restart its processing. Users will not be able to access records in the catalog involved in the REPRO, but all other entries can be read/updated/deleted.