Save Money with Veloci-Raptor

How can VELOCI-Raptor save me money?

VR allows you to:

  • Reduce batch window processing constraints by performing VSAM and non-VSAM batch processing in a fraction of the time. Application processing can sometimes be reduced to 1/10th of the time when VR is implemented.
  • Eliminate manual tuning efforts. Technical resources that might otherwise be utilized for manual tuning can be reassigned elsewhere without any loss in performance.
  • Eliminate or defer the need for CPU upgrades. Fluid application processing reduces CPU requirements while making better use of main memory, thereby extending the life of the CPU and offsetting the cost of expensive upgrades.
  • Meet service level agreements. On-line systems will come up on time, and with improved application response times as batch processing requirements are completed in less time.
  • Obtain performance improvements without JCL or application changes. Manual performance tuning requires significant JCL or application code changes, while VR optimizes performance without alteration to either.
  • Eliminate the monitoring of those JCL changes. Once manual changes are made to JCL to implement tuning for a specific data set, those changes must be monitored (as the personality of the data set and access to the data set may change over time). VR eliminates the need for this by dynamically performing it as part of its normal processing.
  • Make dynamic changes in file processing. VR dynamically adapts to changes in file processing and helps with time-of-day memory management issues or other situations that could impact buffering requirements.
  • Expand virtual storage. LSR and NSR buffers are built above the 16MB line to alleviate any virtual storage constraints. For LSR, expanded storage using hyperspace buffering is automatically and transparently used when the file size is larger than the LSR pool. This provides up to 2GB of virtual storage for buffers and gives ample room below the line to run larger applications.


What kind of results should I expect?
VR customers routinely report that they can reduce VSAM batch processing times from 60 percent to 90 percent.
Some non-VSAM batch processing times can be reduced by a significant percent.
VR can also have an impact on some DB2 Unloads and Reloads.

What operating environment does VELOCI-Raptor require?
VR runs on all z/OS platforms and requires 68kb of common storage (CSA) below the 16MB line. The user interface requires ISPF Version 3.3 or above.