Dino-Software Products


T-REX is a mainframe utility to analyze, diagnose, report, reorganize, backup, and repair clusters and ICF (Integrated Catalog Facility) components in a z/OS environment. T-REX was built from the ground up to incorporate the latest features and functions, making it superior to the other conglomeration of old technology in this particular area.


Universal Data Manager (UDM) is a GUI based solution for managing an organization’s z/OS Storage at an Enterprise level, including, ICF Catalogs, DASD Volumes, DFSMS objects, Spool data and other related objects. The overall ease of implementation and automated analysis provides the controls, information and reporting needed to manage the dynamics of modern Storage environments.

HSM Adminisaurus

HSM Adminisaurus (HSA) is a consolidated DFSMShsm management tool, for the novice or the expert, that provides: Extensive reporting; Comprehensive auditing; In-depth processing analysis; and Simplified administrative functions to help you establish and maintain a healthy HSM environment. HSA allows proactive management to maximize storage utilization, optimize physical resources, and conserve time to ensure availability and business continuity.


VELOCI-RAPTOR (VR) is an integrated optimization system that tunes I/O functions to improve throughput for batch and on-line processing. VELOCI-Raptor gathers information during I/O requests to VSAM and xSAM (QSAM, BSAM and EXCP) data sets and uses this information to access a knowledge-base of I/O processing rules.


TERADON is an MVS utility for moving BCS entries from one ICF catalog to another. This functionality is similar to IBM’s REPRO MERGECAT, but with exponentially faster runtimes and many more options. TERADON provides the capability of moving catalog entries for files that are currently OPEN.

RTD | RealTime Defrag (z/OS, DB2)

RealTime Defrag (RTD)  provides automatic easily controlled z/OS DASD volume maintenance for the 24×7 operating environment, without the disruption to production schedules which legacy defrag and volume maintenance products engender, and with high throughput due to its advanced multiple address space architecture.


XTINCT is a tool for wiping data from DASD and Tape to ensure the original data is unrecoverable. In addition to providing a complete audit trail and comprehensive reports to satisfy regulators, XTINCT surpasses NIST guidelines for cleaning and purging data. XTINCT satisfies all federal and international requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, HSPD-12, Basel II, SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other data security and privacy laws.