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HSM Adminisaurus DFSMShsm Manager

HSM Adminisaurus (HSA) is a consolidated DFSMShsm management tool for the novice or the expert that provides extensive reporting, comprehensive auditing, in-depth processing analysis, and simplified administrative functions to help you establish and maintain a healthy HSM environment.  HSA allows proactive management to maximize storage utilization, optimize physical resources, and conserve time to ensure availability and business continuity.

HSA audits, interrogates, compiles reports, and provides error correction facilities on current and historical mission critical data managed within the HSM environment. HSA contains health analysis processing to save time and money by reducing the time and effort required to manage and maximize the contribution of HSM.

Enhancements in HSM Adminisaurus 3.1 further simplify the effort of maintaining an effective and efficient DFSMShsm environment. The process of analyzing and understanding what is occurring within DFSMShsm and the storage environment is made easier with more health checks, more reporting, and greater auditing options.

New Health Checks Available

Real-Time and Historical DFSMShsm Reporting

Fast and Precise Auditing