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T-REX for ICF Catalog Resliency

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When your ICF Catalog blows…get T-REX!

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T-REX Access Method Services/Extended

ICF Catalog Management

T-REX is a mainframe utility to analyze, diagnose, reorganize, report, backup and repair clusters and ICF (Integrated Catalog Facility) components in a z/OS environment. T-REX was built from the ground up to incorporate the latest features and functions, making it superior to the other conglomeration of old technology in this particular area.

T-REX comes to you from the original Softworks® developers who devised the Mechanic® and later Catalog Solution® over 20 years ago. They applied their collective experience, incorporating modern design methodologies and technology to produce the latest, state-of-the-art catalog management product available today. T-REX can repair any VSAM object (BCS, KSDS, and Variable RRDS) with a broken index within minutes. The product complements and enhances IBM’s Access Method Services (IDCAMS) utility and provides additional flexibility through keyword options and new functionality. This dynamic MVS batch facility can multi-task many of its commands and provides full object support. It is faster, smarter and stronger than ever before.

Why is T-REX Access Method Services/Extended necessary?

The ICF catalog environment can be very complex and intimidating. Monitoring and maintaining catalog and VSAM cluster health can be tedious and time consuming. T-REX by Dino-Software provides invaluable assistance to those professionals tasked with ensuring that the ICF environment and VSAM clusters perform with consistency, accuracy, and reliability.

»  Prevents downtime by ensuring optimal cluster and catalog health at all times

»  Improves data availability and reliability by allowing more frequent back-ups

»  Automates cluster and catalog recovery and repair in record speed

»  Pays for itself with just one broken object (catalog, cluster or VVDS)

»  Generates easy-to-use Reports

What makes T-REX unique?

T-REX is the FIRST ICF catalog maintenance, repair, and recovery product to:

»  Fully support the re-cataloging of multi-volume datasets

»  REORG catalogs while open and being processed by online and/or batch systems

»  Detect hardware changes and dynamically adjust performance parameters to ensure optimal processing

»  Provides two powerful facilities, DRIMPORT and SCRUB, for Disaster Recovery processes

»  HSM CDS auditing and reporting

»  Identify and repair discrepancies between cataloged tape datasets and your TMC

»  Support all of the following TMC’s:

–  CA1

–  Control-T

–  RMM



T-REX creates reports that are familiar to all LISTCAT users, but they are enhanced to incorporate selection criteria that affords the user flexibility over IDCAMS LISTCAT. The intelligent selection criteria include names, generic names, number of extents, number of volumes, SMS class information, and number of Cl and CA splits.