ETJ: First Impression: T-REX 7.4

New T-REX V 7.4 From Dino-Software Delivers Added Functionality

By Denny Yost, ETJ Magazine (5-minute read)




After working awhile with ICF catalogs and VSAM clusters, it probably reminds you of playing the arcade game Whac-A-Mole. Just when you think everything is under control, some other problem appears.

Dino-Software continues to excel at taking on and easing the challenge of working with VSAM files and catalogs through its T-REX product solution. T-REX is a proven mainframe utility that analyzes, diagnoses, reorganizes, reports, backs up and repairs clusters and assists with the overall maintenance to ensure continuous operational capabilities of the ICF catalog components in a z/OS environment.

For many years, T-REX has aided in the monitoring and maintenance of catalog and cluster health to minimize this tedious and time-consuming task. T-REX provides invaluable assistance to those professionals tasked with ensuring the ICF environment and VSAM clusters perform with consistency, accuracy and reliability by delivering:

  • Reduced downtime by ensuring optimal cluster and catalog health at all times
  • Extensive use of multitasking to improve throughput for T-REX processing
  • Improved data availability and recoverability by allowing more frequent back-ups
  • Easy and quick repair of cluster and catalog index errors
  • Complete support for the recataloging of multivolume data sets
  • Easy REORG of catalogs while open and being processed by online and/or batch systems
  • Detection of hardware changes and dynamically adjusting performance parameters to ensure optimal processing
  • HSM CDS auditing and reporting
  • Identification and repair of discrepancies between cataloged tape data sets and your Tape Management Catalogs
  • Support for all the main TMCs on the market today (e.g., CA 1, Control-T, RMM, etc.)
  • Easy to use reports.

T-REX provides standard reports emulating IDCAMS LISTCAT output, but provides a much higher degree of selectivity coupled with high-speed performance. In fact, almost every attribute and characteristic of a cataloged data set entry can be used as selection criteria, including “Boolean” operator support for variable values. With a proper plan for implementing proactive diagnostics, T-REX provides a viable mechanism for detecting and reporting errors before there is a negative impact to production operations.

Introducing T-REX V7.4

The newest version of T-REX introduces numerous enhancements further easing the management of ICF catalog environments. T-REX 7.4 provides day-one support for the new z/OS 2.4 release and includes many user-requested enhancements.

z/OS 2.4 Enhancements

T-REX V7.4 provides the following z/OS 2.4 enhancements:

  • Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.4 operating system and earlier.
  • RAPTOR support for RMM V2R4.
  • Full compliance with the z/OS 2.4 restriction of common storage and user key (8-15).

T-REX Batch Enhancements

The T-REX V7.4 batch enhancements greatly extend the product’s capabilities. These batch enhancements include:

  • The REORG command has been enhanced with keyword PRE-REORG which allows the user to generate a LISTCAT of the catalog’s self-describing record as well as the user catalog connector record prior to the catalog being reorganized.
  • The REORG command has been enhanced to optionally reset the catalog statistics maintained in the catalog address space following the reorganization of an ICF catalog.
  • New diagnostics for the INTEGRITYCHECK command have been added which perform structural validation for BCSs, VVDSs, and keyed and non-keyed VSAM clusters providing services that complement the IDCAMS EXAMINE command.
  • The REPORT command now provides reports which provide insight into catalog I/O statistics and cache utilization/strategy allowing you to more easily assess Catalog Address Space performance.
  • The ANALYZE VVDS command now informs you when VUNALLOCATE is enabled in the catalog address space alerting you to possible CAS performance degradation.
  • Summary reports have been added to commands DUMP, RESTORE, IMPORT, DRIMPORT, and most INTEGRITYCHECK objects to provide an “easy to view” snapshot of command activity.
  • Messages indicating license expiration can now be written to the console allowing users to easily identify when they need to renew their licenses.
  • LISTCAT now comes with a user exit which will generate IDCAMS ALTER ROLLIN control cards for generation data sets in a deferred status.
  • A volume list can now be generated via a LISTCAT user exit. The volume list can then be used as input to the T-REX MODIFY command or for other purposes.

T-REX was developed by the original Softworks developers who devised the Mechanic and later Catalog Solution over 20 years ago. The developers applied their collective experience to incorporate modern design methodologies and technology to produce the latest, state-of-the-art catalog management product available. Additionally, the technical support staff is comprised of seasoned veterans of z/OS and the ICF catalog environment. T-REX can repair any VSAM object (BCS, KSDS and Variable RRDS) with a broken index within minutes.  Many Fortune 500 organizations rely on Dino-Software technology to keep their businesses up and running.

To learn more about T-REX, contact Dino-Software at 703-768-2610 or visit their website, ETJ



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