UDM for Superior Replacement of CA Vantage, BMC MainView, IBM Omegamon

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UDM is a z/OS SRM solution providing a consolidated global view of the enterprise storage environment, extending Automation, Auditing, Monitoring, Reporting and Control Functions of data with a mouse click.  It allows for managing z/OS Storage, including, DFSMShsm, CA-Disk, Tape Robots and Tape Catalogs, ICF Catalogs, DASD Volumes, DFSMS objects, Spool data and other related objects. It is a simple tool to install and the most user-friendly utility that integrates with other Dino products, further extending their standalone capabilities with automation.

Take a quick peek (7-min) at UDM’s Dashboard Monitoring Critical Events & Conditions Across the Enterprise

or click: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/6290753935445901315


UDM, featuring easy to implement:

       ∗  Real-time monitoring 

       ∗  Proactive alerts 

       ∗  True centralized enterprise view

       ∗  Powerful message trapping

       ∗  Policy-based automation with email notifications

       ∗  Installation in minutes

       ∗  No distributed servers




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