Understanding VSAM & xSAM Buffer Optimization (On Demand!)

This is a technical review of VSAM buffer optimization, with an emphasis not only on the challenges related to performance, but on various solutions that have been implemented. Attendees will learn the requisites of providing good performance, along with the understanding of the key attributes that should be present in a good solution.



VELOCI-Raptor (VR) for VSAM/xSAM Batch Buffer Optimization (On Demand!)


This will be an in depth review of VELOCI-Raptor (VR) for your VSAM & xSAM Batch Processing Buffer Optimization. VR is an intelligent, intuitive, performance optimization tool designed to dramatically improve system performance while significantly reducing system overhead by automating tuning activities.


VELOCI-Raptor (VR) 5.1 – What’s New (On Demand!)

This will be a technical review of what is new between VELOCI-Raptor (VR) version 3.1.3 and 5.1 for your VSAM & xSAM Batch Process Tuning.


VELOCI-Raptor (VR) Conversion from 3.1.3 to 5.1 (On Demand!)

This webinar will give VELOCI-Raptor (VR) 3.1.3 users an insight on the technical details for converting to VR 5.1 to take advantage of the newest features.

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